"Agile Project Management: Running PRINCE2™ projects with DSDM™ Atern™"

Author: Keith Richards, Keith Richards Consulting
Publisher: TSO (The Stationery Office)

This ground breaking book shows how users can combine the strength of both approaches so that they complement each other and create a new, best of breed framework suitable for all project environments. Based on PRINCE2™ and DSDM Atern, the two most established and internationally recognised project management approaches, this title explores the differences between the two approaches before showing where they overlap and how they can be integrated. While DSDM Atern is a project management methodology in its own this new publications sits within the PRINCE2 suite of titles.

OBS: Bogen er baseret på PRINCE2 version 2005, hvor nyeste version af PRINCE2-metoden er 2009. Se vores sammenligning af de to versioner her.

Key features:

  • In depth guidance that includes practical tips, dos and don'ts, and FAQs.
  • A clear explanation of the lifecycle of the new combined approach as well as a team and organisational structures.
  • Analysis of cultural differences.
  • Clear signposting of overlaps and differences.


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    ISBN Nummer: 9780113310586

    Antal sider: 92 sider

    Størrelse: 216 x 216 mm

    Indbinding: Paperback

    Udgivet: 31.07.2007



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