"Management of Value (MoV)", engelsk


The guide provides clear and unambiguous guidance to value management. It is the first cross-sector and universally-applicable guidance on how to maximise value in a way that takes account of an organisation's priorities, differing stakeholder needs and, at the same time, the use of resources as efficiently and effectively as possible. It is the basis for a qualification scheme, initially an APM Group Foundation level examination.

Key features:

  • Meets the requirements of all the markets it addresses (namely the PPM market with information for Senior Management), identifies the attributes, processes, techniques and benefits of value management and encourages the delivery of Value for Money.
  • Applicable generally across all project environments.
  • Compatible with OGC's core portfolio, programme, project and risk management (P3RM) guidance.

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    Antal sider: 153

    Størrelse: 280 mm x 216 mm

    Indbinding: Paperback

    ISBN: 9780113312764

    Udgivet: 2010.11.04


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