"Managing Successful Programmes", engelsk, 2011

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Managing Successful Programmes Manual

'Managing Successful Programmes Manual' combines rigour and flexibility, helping all organizations - public sector and private, large and small - achieve successful outcomes from their programme management time and time again. With change a pressing reality for all organizations, successful programme management has never been more vital to success.

MSP is accessible by programme teams and organizations as well as by individual practitioners. It will help programme management practitioners improve their decision making at programme level and become better at implementing beneficial change.

Key features:

  • Describes the best practice approach to designing and running programmes to implement business change.
  • Identifies the principles behind good programme management and how these are put into practice through the application of themes, such as Benefits Management, that run through a process of transformational flow from identifying a programme through managing stages of delivery to closing it down.
  • Illustrated with real life examples and helpful tips for putting best practice into real life situations.
  • The guidance has been revised to capture the latest thinking on programme management best practice. The sections on quality, benefits and risk and issue management have been significantly overhauled to give them a better programme focus.
  • Includes new guidance covering assurance and integrated assurance.

Features of the 2011 edition include:

  • Clearer guidance on how a programme deals with multiple Business Change Managers.
  • More about programme Tranches: when they may overlap and the risks in doing so.
  • Completely revised chapters for Benefits Management, Quality and Assurance Management and Risk and Issue Management to be programme centric and for consistency with other Best Management Practice guidance.
  • New guidance covering integrated assurance has been added to the Quality and Assurance Management chapter.
  • The theme chapters now have a section on how the theme interacts with the transformational flow.
  • More guidance on Configuration Management particularly in relation to managing issues.
  • Consistent use of terminology and concepts for the RACI tables, roles and responsibilities, and the distinction between strategies and plans.

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