Project Management for European Sustainable Development

Project Management and Sustainable Tourism. This combination forms the basis of PM4ESD - a new methodology and qualification for designing and managing tourism projects.


About PM4ESD

PM4ESD applies whenever an organization, whether public or private, needs to plan and manage a sustainable tourism initiative. It provides a guarantee for public authorities that the project will be transformed into concrete actions with clearly defined roles and responsibilities and that these actions will have a real impact on local communities. It helps governments and companies to plan transparently and focus on delivering benefits as a result of all actions. It is a practice to be adopted for participatory, transparent and effective management.

Tourism projects are defined by a set of characteristics and variables that the project management team must consider and control throughout the duration of the project itself in order to ensure maximum chance of sustainable success.

In order to achieve sustainable tourism it is crucial to consider governance and management key factors of success and competitiveness.

PM4ESD is the combination of Project Management and Sustainable Development. It is a specific model of approach of the PRINCE2® method tailored to sustainable tourism. Tailoring PRINCE2 to the tourism field means to develop a project management approach which can be used as a tool to implement sustainable development principles in the tourism and cultural sectors.

It is based on a collection of techniques, methods, practices and procedures that contribute to the efficient and effective management of initiatives (projects, programmes, strategies) for sustainable development in Europe.

PM4ESD aims to become a recognized methodology at international level to be used both by local, regional and national governments, by companies and all stakeholders operating in the tourism and cultural sectors.

The Foundation for European Sustainable Tourism (FEST)
FEST aims to support governments, academies and organizations to plan, deliver and manage tourism programmes and projects with a sustainable approach. It focuses on three key factors for tourism success and competitiveness: governance, leadership and management.

FEST promotes "Project Management for European Sustainable Development" (PM4ESD) as best management practice for sustainable tourism.

EPM Group and PM4ESD in Denmark

EPM Group is the dominant PRINCE2 ATO (Accredited Training Organisation) in Denmark, with more than 10 years of experience in training and practical use of the PRINCE2 method.

Hence EPM Group has a unique position to represent and support PM4ESD in Denmark with training and qualifications and with consultant competences and it-support.


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